Restaurant Online is best in bangalore

As you know that Restaurant Online is best in bangalore in terms of Indian and Chinese Food, We also have to offer Home delivery to our happy customers. We allow Home delivery also by which you can enjoy best chinese food and indian Food at your home itself. You can order From our site directly by choosing Food and quantity of food. Then you just have to wait for some time and after some time, Your meal will be available at your home itself.

To make your order online, You have to visit our site’s Menu by clicking on Order Online button provided with Green Background. Then, You have to do is to select a recipe with quantity and final process is of checkout. If you want to order for whole family, then you can enter quantity in family pack also. Family pack is 2.5 times bigger then Single pack, Then also we sell them at x2 of single pack if possible.


You can pay your order by credit card or e-wallet too. After checkout, You have to do one thing which is to wait for order to be shipped. Your order will be available at your home very soon after checkout. After checkout, You will receive SMS and e-mail conforming your order and order number. On some days like wednesday, Friday and saturday, We are available to take orders from 11PM till 2AM which is uniqueness in ours.


After checkout, You will also get delivery boy name and mobile so that you can track your order on the go. We are very high tech that our every delivery bike is attached with GPS system so that we can track time used at every customer’s place. Labelled SKU sticker which is auto generated in our kitchen when order is conveyed consist of Customer name, Order number, Customer address, Customer mobile and much more information.


Don’t worry, If food is not delivered at time then Wok n Tava is responsible for this situation, Not customer. If customer rejects any order due to delay in service, Customer will get full refund in 7 working days. After ordering once, You don’t have rights to cancel that order except above given situation. In the case of Spoiled food or any food issue, customer can contact call center to raise complaint. In this case, Customer will get fresh food in replace at no cost.

Customer will not be responsible for wrong delivery, late delivery and quality of Food. We deliver food without any type of issue in 5 KM of radius in bangalore from outlet locations – Koramnagala, Indiranagar, Jayanagar, BannarGatta, JP nagar. Overall, We are the best in bangalore in terms of Home delivery service and happy customers. You can also be one of our regular and happy customer, You are just one click away from us.

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